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Over 140 colleges and universities sit within New York’s 310 square miles. These campuses are densely populated with thousands who already are—or who will soon become—the world’s gatekeepers. The 1.3 million college students in the city represent hundreds of languages and almost every country in the world.

In diversity, influence and scope there is no place on earth like New York City.
We are responding in faith to an historic opportunity to pioneer a campus ministry, trusting God to make Jesus known in a city of 8.4 million where less than 2% of people identify as evangelical Christians—qualifying it as an unreached people group. It represents the pinnacle of the missional challenge for this generation, and right now there is little concerted effort to reach these students.


We want to give NYC students a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel, grow as disciples of Christ, and be sent as ambassadors to the lost world around them.


Reach New York, reach the world. 

To reach the city, we'll use a three-fold strategy: win, build, send.


Introducing people to Jesus. We talk with students about Christ in many ways:

   :: Conversations ::

   :: Outreaches ::

  :: Digital and Social Media ::


Creating life-changing community.

We help students grow through:

   :: Conferences and retreats ::

   :: Small groups ::

   :: Mentoring relationships ::

   :: Learning to tell others about Christ ::


Living life on a mission.

Every student sent:

   :: Short and long-term mission trips ::

  :: Church leadership ::

   :: Ministry in the workplace ::

   :: Full-time Christian work ::


Whats your story?



I made the decision to become a Christian as a child, but a desire for the admiration and respect of other people often took the place of God’s approval in my heart. College was a crucial time for me—and for most—in determining future direction and cementing character and values.


Through my involvement with Cru as a student at Northwestern University, I gained a deeper understanding of what Jesus did for me on the cross and the daily implications the Gospel has on my life.


Grace—the beautiful reality that God loves me unconditionally and saved me in spite of my brokenness—changes everything. I hope to see lives of other young people transformed by the power and grace of God so they can make an impact for God’s kingdom wherever the go.


I came into college as a nominal Christian, totally consumed with myself. A number of senior student men involved with Cru befriended me early my freshmen year, and their love, care, and sacrifice had a powerful impact on my understanding of God. They taught me to read the Bible, to share my faith, to disciple other men, and ultimately to value obeying God before anything else. I began to cultivate a real, active relationship with Jesus on my own for the first time; it completely changed my life.

God began to give me a passion to reach other lost students like myself with the Gospel. This strongly influenced my decision to spend my first year out of college reaching Muslims in the Middle East. In the years since, it has led me to invest my time, talent, and treasure in helping young people everywhere fall in love with Jesus and learn to follow him for a lifetime.

Our work


Honestly? What are you guys thinking.

City life at these schools is desirable to students around the world. It is New York City, after all. However, underneath the veneer of social progress, personal achievement, parties, and night life escapades, New York represents one of the most tumultuous, challenging environments for Christianity in the country. Peer pressure, political ideology, conflicting worldviews, chemical temptations, secular media, and anti-Christian academics are just a few of the pressures students face: together, they are often overwhelming. The decisions students make about life-styles, careers, relationships, and beliefs during these four years set the trajectory for their next sixty. Their hearts and minds will be pulled in countless directions before they reach the finish line of graduation.


On different campuses, we were once students just like them once.


God used other Christian students and Cru staff to transform our faith and change the trajectory of our lives. Sadly, the majority of students in NYC will enter and leave college without meeting another Christian, let alone hearing about the grace of God and a personal relationship with Jesus. 

We have the privilege of pioneering Cru in New York City, giving students a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel.  We pray God will radically move in the hearts of young people — to build a movement of students passionate about Jesus and excited to share the good news of what he has done with others. 

Our slice of New York City will be Manhattan & The Bronx.

Schools like NYU, Columbia, The New School, and City College represent some of the most competitive colleges and universities in the country. For many, the path to admission begins long before college tours. The culture of meritocracy and secularism pushes young people to build their lives on things that won’t last—the dream of absolute personal fulfillment is perpetually elusive. We want to provide these students with an opportunity to hear about a God who loves them and offers them personal, eternal relationship.


Learn more about the Cru's broader vision for reaching New York here:


Our team is trusting God for spiritual movements on every campus.

Here is a snapshot of four schools in our scope:

"Reach the campus today, reach the world tomorrow."
Bill Bright - Former President and Founder of Cru Global


Our commitment to you:

:: To work diligently to touch the lives of people for Jesus Christ ::

:: To regularly let you know how God is blessing the ministry ::

:: To be financially faithful with the funds given for our ministry ::

:: To share prayer concerns with one another ::


Cru uses ongoing support as their metric for funding, and your ongoing prayer and support would allow us to spend the best hours of our day reaching young people with the Gospel, building them up as Christ-centered laborers who can be sent into the world to make an impact for Christ. We would be privileged to bring you with us on this adventure. 

Would you prayerfully consider a monthly gift of $100 to help reach lost students in New York City? ​



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